Heroes? Who needs them? Villainous Champions of the Shadow Keep is a new campaign setting for D&D 5e, letting you play as the villain of your world! Choose one of the numerous monstrous character options, build your lair, and destroy heroes where you see fit!

Players can get their start in this new campaign guide by exploring the new villainous options! Choose from a variety of new monstrous races and class archetypes, such as the Two-Headed Ogre, which uses two-players to play and control.

Once you have your character built, it is time to build your home. Decide your lair location, whether it be out in a frozen cave or in someone’s abandoned basement. Take time to build clever traps throughout the space that only you know about, and recruit minions to follow your every command. Once you have everything in place, you can send out notices for heroic adventurers to test the dangers of your vile den. Just make sure they don’t get out alive so they can tell their friends all your secrets…

Even though you may crave random bloodshed, remember the most important rule of villainy – evil without a plan is only chaos. It is time to form alliances, pillage powerful arcane artifacts, and cull the land of any heroes that may get in your way. Ascend your dark throne, one corpse at a time, and become a monster worth fearing.

Villainous Champions of the Shadow Keep comes out on December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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