It’s your turn to bring food to your next D&D game! In this mix of Sausage Party and fantasy dice games, The Tasty Lands of Silverplate is a new campaign setting coming to the D&D 5e universe! Play as sentient foods as you trek across a wild and delicious land filled with bread, sugar, and danger!

The Tasty Lands of Silverplate

Silverplate is a land of wonder and scrumptious delights. The peoples of Silverplate are born of milk, eggs, meat, and cheese. But that doesn’t stop them from become heroes of legend. Their powerful gods, such as The Baker and The Cook, are in eternal war with The Greater Eater, a being of infinite destruction.

Will you be able to keep your world safe? Or will you be thrown out with the rest of the leftovers?

Players will be able to choose brand new race and archetype options to fully explore their tasty world. Customize your food origin, then dive into one of twelve new class archetypes, such as the Path of the Sugar Rush Barbarian, or the Oath of Taste Paladin! Finally, choose some new thematic feats and backgrounds, such as Leftover and Pickled, that will give you special abilities in the days to come!

For DMs, prepare yourself for a enclave of new monsters, mechanics, and magic items! There are a total of sixty new monsters for you to explore, each more deadly and delicious than the last. Utilize new game mechanics and conditions to help keep the game on theme, and throw around some powerful new magic items that will leave your players drooling for more!

Blight of the Green Witch: And Other Adventures

Need some adventures to try out in this wacky world? Then make sure to pick up the adventure guide, Blight of the Green Witch: And Other Adventures! This guide has four adventures for your players to hop, skip, and jump through, each more tasty than the last.

  • In Blight of the Green Witch, our delectable adventurers will face off against a power witch who holds command over mysterious mold magic. Will our adventurers defeat this witch’s sinister plot? Or will they become moldy leftovers?
  • In Maze of the Pumpking, the town of Cuphold has fallen into the hands of the terrifying Pumpking! Use all of your powers and wits to sneak inside and save the town from ruin!
  • In Wisdom of the Ancient, players will face off against an ancient fire elemental, awakened by greedy treasure hunters. The vengeful spirit will stop at nothing to get its revenge on the small town of Vrotmarsh… unless you do something about it.
  • And finally, On the Sea of Crescent! Take to the open sea as you travel with Captain Sandwich to a cursed treasure. Sail to the wonders of the crescent bay to find splendour beyond your wildest dreams… and danger to match.

The Tasty Lands of Silverplate and Blight of the Green Witch: And Other Adventures comes out on August 2023! Back your copies here!

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