Welcome to the Old World, Witcher, where monsters are plenty and men are far fewer. It is your job to slaughter these beasts so humanity can survive. Will you succeed, wielding your silver blade to kill with ease? Or simply die trying?

The Witcher: Old World is a campaign game all about hunting monsters. Take on the mantle of a Witcher from one of five schools – School of the Wolf, School of the Cat, School of the Bear, School of the Viper, or School of the Griffin. Work together with your fellow monster hunters in order to destroy legendary creatures, from fiends to leshens.

The Witcher

Track your progress with your player card, boost your abilities after destroying powerful creatures, and become the most legendary monster hunter the world has ever known!

The Witcher

If you want to pitch some money in for the bonus expansions, you get access to playing as mages, facing against Eredin and the Wild Hunt, and so much more!

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