Welcome back roleplayers! We once again return to some of the most renowned RPGs of our time – that you may not have heard of. Jump into the fun feet first with the next few games below!


Vaesen is if you mixed The Witcher and the 1800s. This monster hunting mixed with Victorian sensibilities.

Yeah, it’s that cool.

You play as a member of the Society, a group of supernatural hunters created to defend the northern territories of Europe from dangerous creatures for myth and legend.

This game focuses on dark Nordic folklore, spinning tales about trolls, giants, and even dragons! Regardless of your play style, whether aggro melee or magical healing, there is something for everyone in this dark world before you. Check it out!

Alice Is Missing

Alice Is Missing is a very interesting spin on the RPG format. It is a pen and paper game with one twist – you cannot communicate verbally. You can only communicate to others through a group chat or texting.

The game is focused on the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a teenager who lives in the town of Silent Falls. Everyone works together investigating different aspects of Alice’s life, discovering more and more about her life.

The focus of the game is to both solve the mystery of Alice, but also to bring the characters more intimately together. The game only lasts around 90 minutes, and is a perfect choice for peeps looking for a quick game to kill the time, or any mystery buffs who think they can solve the case.

Dune: Adventures In The Imperium

Set in the famous universe created by Frank Herbert, Dune: Adventures In The Imperium sets you and your party up in Arrakis to attempt to gain control of the Empire, the spice, and everything inbetween.

Join alliances with different houses, specialize in different abilities and powers, and strike out to change the Empire and the Jyhad!

If you are feeling extra creative, you can even build your own House to run and be a part of! Interact with famous characters from the series, such as Paul Atredies, Chani, or Duke Leto II, and conquer the universe.

Just remember – all of the power comes from the spice. The spice is everything.

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