The Realm of Shadows is a fantasy adventure compendium of three solo card games all about fighting monsters and saving the world! In these dungeon-crawl style games, you will have to manage both your life, your abilites, and defeat monsters to be able to win. While these games are part of the same world, they are not just copies of one another. Let’s take a look at each game to see what’s in store:

The Hand of Destiny is a game that requires no set-up – it does not even require a table! Level up your abilities and keep an eye on your health as you vanquish monsters through the deck! All of this can be done by just holding the cards in your hands – just make sure not to drop them!

The Forgotten Road is a management game all about staying in the fight for the long haul. This endurance game will put you to the test, forcing you to consider your best hand possible to keep your abilities accessible, your health up, and to defeat harder and harder bosses. When travelling the road, who knows what you might find?

Realm of Shadows The Forgotten Road Art

The Last Stronghold is a dice siege game all about holding on against incredible odds. The city of Lux is under attack, and it is your job to make sure the city does not fall to pieces.

But don’t think you are alone! The Last Stronghold can be run with an additional player if you need help! Defeat enemies and hold back the tide of battle! Will you defeat the big bad? Or will you become another meal for the horde?

The Realm of Shadows comes out June of 2022! Back your copy here!

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