The skies are calling, trainers! Pokemon: Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars is the first Pokemon expansion coming out in 2022.  Influenced by the powers of Arceus and the night sky, this set introduces a brand new Pokemon card type, as well as some brand new V and VMAX Pokemon!

What should you expect in this set? Plan to get your hands on twenty powerful V Pokemon and three new VMAX Pokemon. Though this is exciting, don’t forget about the more than twenty new Trainer cards and a brand new Special Energy card! Change up your current deck, or build something brand new! With 170 cards in this set alone, there will be plenty of options to consider.

Brilliant Stars will be the first expansion to introduce a brand new Pokemon type, VSTAR! VSTAR Pokemon utilize once per game powers to change the tide of a match, including high damage attacks and more! However, make sure to protect these powerful creatures – if they are knocked out, your opponent gains two Prize cards instead of just one.

Brilliant Stars

Brilliant Stars comes out February 25th, 2022!

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