Looking to get involved into the Pokemon TCG? Not sure where to start as far as competitive decks go? There is only one who can find you the information you so desire…

But search no further! With Sword & Shield – Battle Styles coming out in March, our secret informant Meta-Man has let us in on the current competitive meta-game leading into the release.


The PikaRom deck has been on the top of the meta list for a while now. With a solid energy collection engine, as well as the ability to deal damage to your opponents Pokemon in the back row, PikaRom has proven again and again that it is the deck to beat at most competitive events. If you’re looking for a combo deck that can pack a lot of punch, then you know where to go.

Just a heads up about these two rascals – while very powerful, they do have a big weakness to ground type Pokemon, so be careful when going up against Coalossal V.


Centiskorch VMAX

There is only one meta deck that out performs PikaRom in all out damage, and that is Centiskorch VMAX. If you are able to get Centiskorch out from Volcanion in the first turn, as well as get a hold of some fire energy, there is nothing Centiskorch can’t do. There is no ceiling on the damage amount, so equip as many fire energies as your heart desires.

Centiskorch is a very powerful set-up to have, but do keep in mind how you are going to protect your Volcanion in your first few turns. If Volcanion gets blown away by your opponent before you can evolve it, then I’m afraid you’re back to square one.


The most versatile and adaptable of all the recent meta decks, the Mew3 deck has shown to be a great contender if you want to be able to customize your play style. Want something to compliment your Charizard damage output? Then a Welder Mewtwo deck is your ticket. More attached to water type Pokemon? Then a Blastoise Mewtwo deck it is. You can even keep it classic with just psychic type Pokemon if you want.

The only thing to remember with a Mewtwo deck, regardless if it’s Welder, Blastoise, or psychic, is that the deck requires a lot of other GX Pokemon. Make sure you have an appropriate balance of both basic and GX so you aren’t going to flood your deck with too powerful Pokemon right at the start.

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