The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying is an upcoming release from Free League Publishing, letting you dive into the world of Middle-Earth. In this D&D 5e companion guide, explore from Eriador to Mordor as you clash against ferocious enemies, discover dangerous artefacts, and more!

Players will get the chance to dive into a whole new collection of character options! Discover six new cultures set in the lands of Eriador, each with their own distinct ideas and roleplay opportunities. Then, dive into one of the six new classes, each one more interesting than the last. If you decide to go the spellcaster route, then look through the numerous new spells and new subtle magic system!

For Dungeon Masters, use a variety of new rules for utilizing councils, making long journeys, using magic items, and more! Take inspiration from the beautiful art that scours the pages of the guide. Run a game set before or during The War of the Ring by using story references, or start a game after the conflict and build your own cities, towns, and factions!

If you need some more help getting your campaign up and running, then make sure to check out the sister adventure guide, Shire Adventures! Take on the role of some well known Hobbits as you go on incredible adventures. You will be able to play as Primula and Rory Brandybuck, Paladin Took, and even Bilbo Baggins!

The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game comes out on May 9th, 2023!

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