RŌNIN is a upcoming RPG that is compatible with MÖRK BORG! Take on creatures of the night as you explore the fantasy island of Kage no Shima, face off against enemy factions, and bring peace to this warring nation.

Kage no Shima is an island choked with blood. Numerous factions are at war, leaving corpses all across the region. But the line between life and death has been entangled ever since the sun in the sky was fully eclipsed. Now, a shadow has been cast across the world, creating an endless night.

Dangerous men are not the only thing to fear. Demons and undead wander the land, consuming the dead and dying, or assaulting the last remaining strongholds of humanity. Those who are foolish and brave enough to face them head on are our last remaining hope. Will you take up the challenge?

Players will be able to dive blade first into six new classes of their choosing – Erudite Samurai, Forgotten Rōnin, Drunken Monk, Corrupted Shinobi, Onmyoji (Hermit Spell-caster), and Bakuto (Yakuza). Each of these incredible classes will have their own abilities and tenets to help on your roleplaying path. There are also new mechanics for Players to utilize during play, such as being able to Parry, channel power through Meditation, and more!

Game Masters will get access to numerous tables, monsters, and unique weapons to throw at their players. Explore terrifying and powerful enemies, such as the Kappa or Oni, and roll for the loot your players get on one of numerous tables found throughout the book. Would it really be a MÖRK BORG compatible book without dozens of tables?

Also present with every MÖRK BORG inspired work – the art! Explore the beautiful and savage works within the book, pulling every ounce of inspiration you can from its beautiful pieces.

RŌNIN comes out in October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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