Have you been left in the dark after your Spelljammer campaign finished? Looking for some new adventures amongst the stars? Then check out Starlight Arcana, a new upcoming D&D 5e expansion that will throw you deep into a fantasy space-opera adventure!

Start off by exploring the new character options, including six new ancestry options, including the sentient Crystalloids! If ancestry options are not enough, then check out the twelve new starlight subclasses! Master the threads of fate with the Fate Weaver Sorcerer, welcome corrupted spirits from beyond the veil with the Warlock Corrupter, and much more! If you decide to dive into spellcasting, explore the 50+ new spells to customize your abilities.

Explore distant planets and galaxies through space travel, gain allies, and rediscover legendary weapons and artifacts to defeat your enemies. Face off against up against over 200 new monsters as you fight your way to glory! As a special spin, use the specially made Starlight Arcana tarot cards to establish your destiny. Will they speak of victory and splendor? Or only hardship and ruin?

Starlight Arcana comes out in June, 2023! Back your copy here!

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