It’s time to enter a truly a wild west in Forsaken! In this open sandbox adventure, players will need to take bounties, survive surprise encounters, and complete personal jobs in order to become a living legend among the stars.

The planet of Thyrria is a floating corpse. Along with its moons, this planet was strip-mined and abandoned by the companies that drained its resources. Now, only small mining communities remain. With people getting desperate, lawlessness is starting to grip hold of the world. Even strange alien beasts are slinking out of the woodwork to attack local communities.

This is where you come in. Choose to play one of six characters: Mandorax, the wandering robot cowboy; Grash, the bloodthirsty anarchist; Melacantia & Ib, a transdimensional traveller looking to destroy the alien parasite known as fungalyte; Piers Fallcray, a gunslinger with a terraforming seed that could save the world; Sol Syrium Quell, the augmented reality showman; and Xota Xoran, the Fixer ready to jump ship. Each character has their own personal goals to accomplish with multiple possible endings.

On top of your personal goals, you will also need to complete some bounties and encounters to gain the right resources, items, and reputation. Team up with different factions on the planet to gain special point or item bonuses, and defeat powerful enemies to gain scrap to pay for healing, travel, new gear, and ability upgrades.

Once one of the players have completed their story arc, or has reached the Victory Point cap, the game ends. Tally up your Victory Points, and whoever has the most wins!

Forsaken comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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