Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a upcoming dark fantasy 5e campaign setting created by Black Lantern Productions! Fight for your survival in the land of Fyera, constantly fighting against the endless evils that inhabit the land.

The World

The land of Fyera is split between light and darkness. Caused by a slowing of the planet’s rotation, one half of the planet is near entirely illuminated by the sun, the other hidden away by night. In the land of eternal midnight, named the Darklands, evil creatures have begun to emerge. Ever hungry and all powerful, these villains wish to consume and conquer world of Fyera. Only those brave enough to enter the Darklands may be able to stop these evil plots of mayhem and madness…

Play as one of five new races, with more than twenty-five new classes and sub-classes at your disposal. Prepare your weapons, equipment, and dive deep into the Darklands… if you dare.

The New Systems

More than just a campaign setting, Soulmist introduces three brand new rule systems to help take your campaign to the next level.

Instead of a alignment system, there is the Erebos System. Erebos has characters roll for stress, resulting in more and more mental strain on your character as you face ever darker creatures. The more points of Erebos you have, the more hopeless your situation becomes.

The Fate Pool System grants both players and enemies special abilities that can be used to defeat each other. The lower your Erebos level, the more Fate dice you get. However, the further and further you move into the Darklands, the more Fate dice your enemies obtain. Be careful how far you tread…

While it has its handicaps, some people welcome Erebos. These people are known to practise Prohibited Magics. These dark magics have powerful effects and equally terrible consequences. Abuse these spells at your own risk – every time you cast one of these spells, your Erebos score increases.

Soulmist: A Journey of Darkness to Light comes out in December of 2022! Back your copy here!

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