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Tyson Fraleigh - September 25, 2023

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse!

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse is the newest campaign set coming to D&D 5e. Explore the Sigil, The City of Doors, and encounter multidimensional creatures while solving a mystery revolving around a planar glitch!

This campaign set will be split into three separate books –

  • Sigil and The Outlands gives players a vareity of new character options. Try out two new character background options, seven new feats, and new strange magics to cast on your opponents!
  • Turn of Fortune’s Wheel is a new adventure that will take your players from levels 3 – 10, then jump up to level 17. Players will need to investigate a strange magical anomaly, affecting those who are resurrected within Sigil’s city limits. Explore every corner of Sigil for clues, and then travel to the The Outlands to complete your journey.
  • Morte’s Planar Parade grants Dungeon Masters access to dozens of new creatures that occupy The Outlands. Have the players interact with heavenly angels, devilish fiends, modrons, and intelligent Time Dragons!

This campaign set will also include a double-sided map of Sigil and the Outlands and a exclusive DM screen with a depiction of The Outlands!

But there is much more than just a single adventure within these three books. The collection includes dozens of different adventure hooks, strange encounters, and wild locations for your players to discover. Whether you are running the Turn of Fortune’s Wheel adventure, or running your own homebrew campaign in Planescape, this collection has everything you need to keep your players on their toes.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse comes out on October 17th, 2023!

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Tyson Fraleigh - November 11, 2022

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen!

War is upon us, adventurer! In Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen, dive into the War of the Lance and do your best to survive against a tyranny of dragons coming to dominate the world!

Takhisis, the Dragon Queen, has returned. Her brutal conquest of the world of Krynn has resumed, all leading to the nation of Solamnia. Choose to either take up arms against the dark queen along with the city of Kalaman, or join the Dragon Queens procession of chaos. Use your abilities to subvert, ambush, and brutalize your opponents and claim the world of Krynn as your own! If you become powerful enough, you may enjoy join or fight the infamous death knight Lord Soth and his legion of draconian knights…

Build your character around the new Dragonlance options, including the Kender race and the Lunar Magic sorcerer! Channel your new powers to obliterate your opponents as you travel from city to city, battlefield to battlefield. Use the enhanced rules to run complex wartime battles, utilizing units of archers, infantry, cavalry, and artillery to claim victory after victory.

But martial victories are not the only thing that will result in your control of Krynn. There are stories of a weapon that, once claimed, will allow its wielder to control the world. The Dragon Queen is sending out her envoys in search of this power, but if you play your cards right, you may claim it right from under her nose…

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen comes out on December 6th, 2022!

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Tyson Fraleigh - August 19, 2022

Wizards Presents 2022 – Everything You Need To Know!

Wizards Presents 2022 was filled with tons of Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons news and future releases! Let’s check out everything that was announced down below!

Dungeons & Dragons

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen

The world is at war. Takhisis has returned to the world of Krynn and is spreading her dominion once again. Players will be thrown into the front lines of this dark world of endless warfare as they attempt to find peace. Face off against the Dragon Armies of Takhisis, utilize new lunar magics, and defeat Lord Soth and his death knight legion!

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen comes out December 6th, 2022!

Keys from the Golden Vault

In this upcoming collection of short adventures, players will be able to perform incredible heists and robberies across Faerun. Steal coin, magic items, art – whatever your heart desires! Whether you are planning an Oceans 11 one shot, or your party wants a side mission to tickle their criminal delights, this book is for you!

Glory of the Giants

A companion to Fizban’s Guide to Dragons, Glory of the Giants will be a full lore dump for Giants in the world of D&D. Learn more about their fortresses, how to identify them, as well as some unique world building potential for Dungeon Masters to sprinkle into their worlds!

Phandelver Campaign

The Mines of Phandelver is considered a classic in the D&D lexicon of adventures. It is now time for Phandelver to get it’s own campaign guide! Building on the initial adventure, this upcoming campaign guide will be filled to the brim with underdark secrets, excavations, and numerous other goodies.

The Book of Many Things

The Book of Many Things will be a magic guide for people who have gone absolutely mad. Inspired by the Deck of Many Things, this guide book will be filled with ways to tune up the magic in your world, include crazy magic items, and add some otherwise impressive magic aspects to the world.


Planescape is coming back! Planescape will return players and DMs to the miraculous and wild world where planes of existences bleed into one another. While there is not a whole lot of information yet about what to expect in this set, you can be assured that this campaign book will be packed with adventure.

One D&D

It is time to start looking to the future of D&D. Starting in 2024, Wizards of the Coast will be created an updated rule guide for 5th Edition. This update will include new game rules, new design features, and new character builds. This new design will be known as One D&D.

If you want to be one of the playtesters for this upcoming rules set, then simply sign up here for D&D Beyond to gain access! More playtest materials will be available as the game progresses forward.

One D&D will officially be released in 2024!

Magic: The Gathering

Dominaria United

Dominaria is faced with incredible dangers once again. The Phyrexians have returned to attempt to claim this domain once again. But the multiverse suffers – it seems the divisions between worlds are beginning to fall away, resulting in total dimensional collapse. Will the worlds be able to save everything before it’s too late?

Dominaria United comes out on September 9th, 2022!

The Brothers’ War

While the fight in Dominaria is heating up, it’s time to learn more about Dominaria’s history with The Brothers’ War. Choose either to fight for Urza or Mishra for control over Dominaria, as well as to save humanity from Mishra’s alliance with the Phyrexians!

The Brothers’ War comes out November 18th, 2022!

Phyrexia: All Will Be One

Set immediately after The Brothers’ War, Phyrexia: All Will Be One will document the last attempt to seal the Phyrexians away from the rest of the worlds. Learn more about the planeswalkers who attempted to defeat the Phyrexians head on, and how their plan fell to ruin…

March of the Machine

In the mighty conclusion of the Dominaria United arc, we shall see some of our favourite planeswalkers and allies from across the realms attempt to stop the Phyrexian horde one last time. What will be left behind once with the smoke and ash has settled?

March of the Machine: Aftermath

What will happen after the thrilling conclusion of the March of the Machine set release? Who will survive? Will the Phyrexians be defeated? Or will we all be subject to their dark union?

Wilds of Eldraine

It’s time to return to the land of wonder and fairytales. Explore the unknown reaches of Eldraine and face off against new and ancient evils. Just be careful what you wish for out here – it might just come true.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Adventure is calling out in Ixalan! Return to the ancient wonders of Ixalan as you explore some of the deepest caverns and wells at the edges of the world!

Universes Beyond Releases 2022 – 2023

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 40,000 is nearly here! Dive into the endless war with commander decks and it’s own Secret Drop! The Warhammer 40,000 Universes Beyond set will come out on October 7th of this year!

Lord of the Rings

The long awaited Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond is coming soon! This Universe Beyond set release is planned for a mid-year 2023 release will beautiful full cart art work, as well as locations across Middle-Earth, both familiar and unknown!

Doctor Who

Whovians, unite! Doctor Who will be making their first step into the world of Magic in Universes Beyond! This set will include special card treatments, its own Secret Drop, as well as four commander decks.

That is it for all the major releases from Wizards Presents! Which upcoming releases are you the most excited for?

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Tyson Fraleigh - January 14, 2022

Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light!

Soulmist: A Journey from Darkness to Light is a upcoming dark fantasy 5e campaign setting created by Black Lantern Productions! Fight for your survival in the land of Fyera, constantly fighting against the endless evils that inhabit the land.

The World

The land of Fyera is split between light and darkness. Caused by a slowing of the planet’s rotation, one half of the planet is near entirely illuminated by the sun, the other hidden away by night. In the land of eternal midnight, named the Darklands, evil creatures have begun to emerge. Ever hungry and all powerful, these villains wish to consume and conquer world of Fyera. Only those brave enough to enter the Darklands may be able to stop these evil plots of mayhem and madness…

Play as one of five new races, with more than twenty-five new classes and sub-classes at your disposal. Prepare your weapons, equipment, and dive deep into the Darklands… if you dare.

The New Systems

More than just a campaign setting, Soulmist introduces three brand new rule systems to help take your campaign to the next level.

Instead of a alignment system, there is the Erebos System. Erebos has characters roll for stress, resulting in more and more mental strain on your character as you face ever darker creatures. The more points of Erebos you have, the more hopeless your situation becomes.

The Fate Pool System grants both players and enemies special abilities that can be used to defeat each other. The lower your Erebos level, the more Fate dice you get. However, the further and further you move into the Darklands, the more Fate dice your enemies obtain. Be careful how far you tread…

While it has its handicaps, some people welcome Erebos. These people are known to practise Prohibited Magics. These dark magics have powerful effects and equally terrible consequences. Abuse these spells at your own risk – every time you cast one of these spells, your Erebos score increases.

Soulmist: A Journey of Darkness to Light comes out in December of 2022! Back your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - October 5, 2021

Star Wars 5e!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… you saved worlds from the Empire, the Second Order, and other villains! With Star Wars 5E, take on the galaxy as you attempt to master the force, smuggle for the Hutts, or even turn to the dark side…

Star Wars 5E is a full rewrite of D&D 5E. These free game manuals are packed with different character options, ranging from different species, backgrounds, and classes. Become a Human, Bothan, Droid… even a Gungan!

All of the 5E basics are in here – advantage, disadvantage, movement, combat, etc. Everything you would expect from a D&D 5E game is in here. However, there are some new game additions – brand new classes, archetypes, weapon types, magic system, and even an entire section on ship combat. The possibilities are endless!

Want to explore Naboo pre-clone wars? How about take up the Hutt mantle on Tatooine after Jabba’s death? Travel the endless worlds of the galaxy during any timeline! So make sure you jump to light speed and get going! The whole universe is counting on you.

Star Wars 5E Players Handbook

Check out Star Wars 5E here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - September 27, 2021

Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse!

Freshly announced at the Future of D&D panel at the D&D Celebration stream, Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse is the next rules expansion to Dungeons & Dragons!

Monsters of the Multiverse will be your all in one guide for different monsters and races you have seen outside of the Player’s Handbook and Monster Manual. This collection book will ensure you don’t have to carry around every expansion sourcebook to your next game. Instead, you will have access to every monster card you need, edited down so DMs can run them with ease!

Even more than that, this sourcebook has access to all the playable races in the game, a total of thirty different options. No longer will you need to search through seven different books to remember race abilities. It will all be in here!

As mentioned before, this book will be part of the Rules Expansion Gift Set coming out in January next year. This collection will include Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Monsters of the Multiverse. The set will also include a DM screen and a three book collector sleeve for the set. Don’t miss out!

Mordenkanien Presents Monsters of the Multiverse Cover Art

The Rules Expansion Set comes out January 25th, 2021! Mordenkanien Presents Monsters of the Multiverse will be coming out as a stand alone later next year.

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Tyson Fraleigh - September 15, 2021

Tanares RPG 5e!

Welcome to the madness, adventurer! Tanares RPG 5e is a brand new companion set for D&D 5e. This set will include three new core rulebooks, including a Player’s Handbook, a Campaign Guide, and a special adventures sourcebook.

The Player’s Handbook adds a variety of new elements to the game. Inside, you will find eight brand new classes, four for beginners, four for masters of the game. You will be able to create a group specialization, making your party into a ‘superteam’, gaining notoriety and prestige across Tanares!

The Campaign Guide will outline everything you need to know about Tanares, from geography to politics. Build intricate political intrigue plots, or develop massive planar jumping campaigns, exploring every plane known to mankind! Fill the world with over a hundred new monsters to defeat, hiding in old dragon caves, lost ruins, or whatever else you can think of!

Adventure in the Realm of Madness is the dungeon delver’s dream guide. This sourcebook will outline multiple dungeons ready to explore right out of the book. But don’t think this will be your everyday dungeon crawl. You will be welcomed into a world of nightmare fuel, filled with monsters from outside of space and time itself! Will you stay and fight? Or run from these powerful monsters to save your own skins?

Of course, the more you support the publishers, the more you get! Many of the stretch goals of the game have already been achieved, including some exclusive minis you won’t be able to get elsewhere! Brand new subclasses and new lore information is still up for grabs, so check it out for more info!

Tanares RPG 5e Collection of Items

Tanares RPG 5e will be coming out in April 2022! Pre-order your copy here!

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Tyson Fraleigh - August 26, 2021

Grim Hollow: The Player’s Guide!

Darkness has arrived in Etharis. There is no hope, no heroes, no grace here. There is only pain, suffering, and evil. This is the land of Grim Hollow

Grim Hollow is a D&D 5e setting for all you grim dark lovers out there. Grim Hollow games are all about survival and doing your best to make the world a better place against all odds. Take on ancient evils or become one yourself!

Grim Hollow: The Player’s Guide offers a lot of customization to your 5e game. You have undoubtedly heard of the guide before on YouTube, Kickstarter, everywhere. But is it worth chipping in the twenty-five bucks?

Oh, my friend – you have no idea what magic is in here. Let me just mention a little bit of the delicious content in this PDF.


Finally, a blood magic system that isn’t just flavour! Sangromancy is one of the coolest additions to 5e magic system because it not only utilizes spell slots, but also your hit dice to cast spells. Your hit dice will dictate how much damage or healing you deal as per the casting of the spell.

You may think this is a little punishing, especially at early levels. However, it is worth noting that Grim Hollow is meant to be a grim dark game. It’s meant to be a little punishing, making your question your endurance for survival at every step of the way.

If you want to really dive into sangromancy but don’t want to constantly worry about losing access to your spells if you expend all your hit dice, don’t worry. Play as the wizard subclass School of Sangromancy, which gives you bonus d12 dice to use instead of your hit dice!

Advanced Weapons

For those looking to spice up their combat capabilities, advanced weapons are here! Advanced weapons offer additional abilities and benefits for using better quality weapons. This includes abilities such as Swift, which allows you to make an attack roll at advantage if your missed the prior attack, or Precise, which scores a critical hit on 19s – 20s.

Of course, these abilities are entirely optional. However, if you are a DM looking to spice up the combat in your game, or you are a player who wants to dive into some new tricks, give these weapons a try!

Inspiration & Corruption

Inspiration & Corruption offer two new dice pools for your party or DM to use throughout the game. The mechanic is simple – every good act you perform, the party gains a d6 Resolve die. If you commit an evil act, the DM gains a d6 Beast die.

Resolve dice can be used by the party to offer a moment of good fortune. This could include additional healing on a short rest or a re-rolled death save.

Beast dice can be used to make a grave situation much more dangerous. This could include rolling a die to increase the enemy numbers, or even attempt to make one of your PCs fail a death save (if you are a special kind of monster).

These dice pools can only reach a maximum pool of six. The party can choose to spend all Resolve dice, giving everyone advantage on all rolls, deal double damage, and take half damage for one round. If the DM obtains six Beast dice, the DM can spend these dice to summon enemies to your location, regardless of your condition. The Beast can manifest in different ways, but always results in two things – catastrophe to the surrounding communities and a long-term enemy/condition for your party to have to deal with.

Lastly, there is also a Neutral table that both the DM and the party can utilize with their Resolve or Beast dice. These abilities range from trying to cast a spell based strictly on observation, or deal extra damage. Regardless, these abilities can be just as powerful as your own dice pool, so make sure to double check your options before using them!

Grim Hollow: The Player’s Guide PDF is available now here! Physical copies of the guide book come out in September 2021!

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