A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… you saved worlds from the Empire, the Second Order, and other villains! With Star Wars 5E, take on the galaxy as you attempt to master the force, smuggle for the Hutts, or even turn to the dark side…

Star Wars 5E is a full rewrite of D&D 5E. These free game manuals are packed with different character options, ranging from different species, backgrounds, and classes. Become a Human, Bothan, Droid… even a Gungan!

All of the 5E basics are in here – advantage, disadvantage, movement, combat, etc. Everything you would expect from a D&D 5E game is in here. However, there are some new game additions – brand new classes, archetypes, weapon types, magic system, and even an entire section on ship combat. The possibilities are endless!

Want to explore Naboo pre-clone wars? How about take up the Hutt mantle on Tatooine after Jabba’s death? Travel the endless worlds of the galaxy during any timeline! So make sure you jump to light speed and get going! The whole universe is counting on you.

Star Wars 5E Players Handbook

Check out Star Wars 5E here!

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