Shadowdark is a old school renaissance style sword and sorcery RPG that will throw you into the heart of darkness. Lead your friends on an adventure through ancient ruins, dark forests, or abandoned castles, all with an old school bite. Face dangers of all varieties, and see if you can survive in the ancient world of the Shadowdark…

Players begin by building your character with an ancestry and class combination. Choose to play as one of six different ancestry options, each with their own gameplay options:

  • Choose Dwarf if you want to gain bonuses to your HP.
  • Choose Goblin if you want to constantly be on your toes, making you immune to surprise.
  • Choose Elf if you want to gain some bonuses for ranged attacks and spellcasting.
  • Choose Halfling if you want to become near invisible to the mortal eye.
  • Choose Half-Orc if you want to gain bonuses to melee attacks.
  • Choose Human if you want to gain bonus abilities right at first level.

Follow up by choosing one of four character classes: Fighter, Priest, Thief, or Wizard! Each class will have their own unique class abilities called Talents, granting you bonuses to your stats, as well as dice advantages. Enhance your starting class abilities with each Talent, and explore powerful weapons, spells, and all kinds of wild magic abilities to customize your character!

For Dungeon Masters, the full book will have access to all the rules, dozens of monsters, and lots of mayhem that you can throw at your players. If you want some handy reference sheets, then make sure to check out the DM screen to have everything you need at a moment’s glance!

Shadowdark comes out in July, 2023! Back your copy here!

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