Based on the classic 80s board game RETURN TO DARK TOWER, Return to Dark Tower: Fantasy Roleplaying is an upcoming RPG from 9th Level Games. Dive into a dark fantasy pulp-style adventure where you face-off against a dark adversary, and decide the fate of the world!

Return to Dark Tower runs on the polymorph™ system, which lets you run the game with a single polyhedral die. Each campaign runs from three to five sessions, each with its own dangers, monsters, and enemies to defeat.

Start the game by building a Adversary. Discuss who the big bad is: why are they doing what they are doing? Are they entirely evil? Or perhaps is there something else underneath? The Adversary role will be taken on by a player (AKA a Game Master) to control combat encounters, create challenges, and run game sessions.

Players will work together to stop the Adversary over the course of one year. Each team action can take any amount of time depending on the difficulty, from hours, to days, to weeks, to months. If you are unable to succeed within the one year time frame, then the Adversary wins, and all is lost.

But don’t think that you are all alone. Each player creates a Companion to help them through the story. The Companion could be anything, from a combat character or more socially oriented. Take as much help as you can get – you’re going to need it.

Return to Dark Tower comes out in May, 2023! Back your copy here!

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