44 BCE is a strategy-betrayal board game where you and four of your friends attempt to conquer the recently fallen Rome. You will need to scheme and back-stab your way to the position of Imperium Maius, and declare Rome under your dominion!

Julius Caesar has just been assassinated. Rome is now up for grabs, and people are ready to take the throne as their own. Play as Agrippa, Brutus, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, or Octavian, and take power one senator at a time. Create temporary alliances, assassinate senators, and gather your legion of followers to bolster your claim as the new Emperor.

Aside from intimidation and fear, there are other ways to gain allies. Construct statues to figures of old and build massive structures to inspire the populous. Do favours for members of the social elite, the military, or other political figures to gain boons and assistance. Once you have assisted each faction enough, they will pledge allegiance to your cause. The more allegiance you have, the harder it is to take you out.

But be careful who you help and who you double cross – you never know who is levelling a blade at your back.

44 BCE comes out in August, 2023! Back your copy here!

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