It’s time to join in the warpath! OrcQuest Warpath is a co-operative dungeon crawler game that will throw you against men and elves and dwarves. Choose your character, your class, and save your brethren from the maniacal and bloodthirsty humans!

Your home is under siege. Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Undead have reached your home in a quest to destroy your orc colony. It is your job to save it and kill everything in your way. You will need to complete numerous missions, each as harrowing as the last, to keep your community safe. The only way to survive is with each other – stick together, stay alive.

Every game of OrcQuest will always look a little different. Every dungeon crawl is randomized, having different weapons, creatures, and items in each room every time you play. Work with your team to utilize your special abilities each combat and chain powerful attacks.

Whenever you are in doubt, claim some power from the great Orc god, Badass, in order to bolster your strength. Use Badass points to trigger special attacks, perform additional actions, or granting your allies new skill cards.

Once you have won the fight, loot the place, craft new items and abilities, and keep moving! Your enemies will not hesitate to put an end to you all, so don’t give them the chance!

OrcQuest Warpath comes out in October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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