Night has come, adventurers! Nightfell – Children of the Moon is a 5e sourcebook for all your lycan curse dreams! Explore the world of Iurmen and face off against twisted and dangerous creatures of the night… or become one yourself.

Iurmen is a frozen world filled with night. The sun has died, leaving the world to only survive thanks to the aid of Primordial beings. Yet, strangely, the moon remains high in the sky, dimly illuminating the destruction wrought on the world. You and your allies will play as Night Explorers, those who are paid well in coin and glory to step outside the city walls in search for resources. Twisted creatures sprout from the dark world of Enferun, poisoning Iurmen’s creatures and lands. You will need to utilize all of your abilities and resources to destroy this blight once and for all.

Aside from the campaign, there are plenty of amazing things you can pull from this book into your next session. Explore the expanded lycanthrope lore and culture, and then try becoming a were-creature yourself with the new Were-Beast Class option! There are new backgrounds, items, blood magic mechanics, and so much more!

Nightfell – Children of the Moon comes out in February, 2024! Back your copy here!

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