Mistwind is an upcoming strategy board game all about shipping management and sky whales. Ride of the back of your ship whale with up to five of your friends as you explore the world, build relationships with other nations, and become the most trusted trader in the world!

Players will take to the skies as transport companies from all across the globe. Each player will take turns playing action discs, moving their fleets, and loading or unloading cargo across the board. Playing action discs will grant you resources to ship around the world, access port abilities, and use character abilities. Deliver the appropriate cargo to specific locations and win coins to perform special actions!

As you travel, you will get access to unique port and character actions. Each of these actions will grant you cargo, coins, or even Victory Points! Trigger multiple of these actions on your turn to multiply your winnings.

Once turn four arrives, players will need to calculate their Victory Points by referencing the scoring sheet. Points are awarded to those who have performed specific actions, such as performing Achievements or obtaining specific Demand Tokens. Whoever has scored the most Victory Points wins the game!

Mistwind comes out in May, 2024! Back your copy here!

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