Looking to dabble into some less competitive, more relaxing RPGs? Why not begin your journey into solo RPGs with the upcoming Koriko: A Magical Year! Become a teenage witch far from home, trying to balance learning your arcane craft and surviving young adult drama.

Inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli, especially that of Kiki’s Delivery Service, explore the lush and wonderful city of Koriko. Players will use a tarot deck, the main story guide, and numerous dice to discover different world encounters, perform readings, and get up to mischief.

The game sessions are divided into four seasons, each of which will require a tarot spread to determine the activities and important story moments during each month. The story is complete once you have completed all four seasons of the year, leading your character to the ultimate choice – will they stay in Koriko? Or will they leave to greener pastures?

But don’t feel that you need to play alone if you want some company. There are optional rules for players who wish to perform simultaneous play, allowing you and your friends to share in some of the adventure. You all will play in the same city, conversing through letters and stories as you tell of your exploits from throughout the year.

Koriko: A Magical Year comes out in July, 2023! Back your copy here!

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