Do you consider yourself a surrealist? I hope so if you’re going to survive here! Based on the works of famous painter Hieronymus Bosch, Hieronymus throws you into a strange and nightmarish world. Work with your allies to escape from these whimsical and dangerous paintings!

Start by choosing your era appropriate character, or Playbook, such as the Scoundrel, the Priest, or the Merchant. After choosing your character, your Game Master will drop you head first into a world where up is down and people hatch from eggs. Face off against each challenge in this alien terrain, whether it be strange creatures or escaping from strange trapezoidal buildings!

The major themes surrounding Hieronymus include the fall of feudalism, corruption, horror, and the apocalypse in the Medieval Age. Use these themes to help breath life into your character and what they are doing in Hieronymus’s work. Were they once a great lord who fell from favour? Perhaps a priest that betrayed the will of the divine? Use the same techniques for helping build the world of your painting. While surrealism does not call for cause and effect, some lore of this strange place will give you a lot to work with.

Hieronymus comes out in September, 2022! Back your copy here!

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