Welcome to hell on Earth, adventurer. Hellguard: Curse of Caina is a RPG where dark forces are waging a secret war against humanity. Become one of the few brave souls willing to save the world from total destruction as you fight monsters, corrupted men, and everything in between.

The two major aspects of Hellguard are investigation and intense combat. Each adventure will require you and your allies to search for clues to determine what monster you are dealing with, what weaknesses it may have, and how to deal with it. You will have to track it down, doing a series of skill checks to succeed. Otherwise, you may just find yourself at a dead end.

Once you do find the beast, the real fun begins. Hellguard‘s combat is meant to be brutal and cinematic, inspired by combat from classic monster-fighting anime. Use your team to your advantage – otherwise, your party might go down faster than you expect. While you may have powerful abilities and attacks, so do the beasts you’re facing.

In the core rulebook, you will have five adventures and five possible character types to choose from. For the adventures, choose if you would prefer to investigate a missing kid in The Red Master; fight numerous undead who rise from their underwater grave to claim revenge in The Shackled Dead; uncover a divine conspiracy in A Quiet Abbey; fight off a murderous travelling acting troupe in Dark Dramaturgy; or clear out an old estate for a wealthy duke that is filled with dark secrets in The Silent Citadel.

For characters, delight in all your hack and slash possibilities with The Knight and The Breaker; take the stealthy way as The Shadow; or dive into the world of dark magics with The Witch and The Sage.

Whatever powers your wield, use them well. You’re life depends on it.

Hellguard: Curse of Caina comes out in March, 2023! Back your copy here!

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