It’s time to forge yourself into a true warrior, adventurer! In Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan, work with up to four players in a co-op fantasy adventure as you attempt to save your homeland from war.

Players will take on the role of a travelling adventurer entering the rich and opulent city of Easafir, looking to rescue a kidnapped emissary. Choose to play as The Mercenary, The Rogue, The Shaman, The Forest Guard, or The Enchantress. As you go through the story, you will need to work with your party to gain allies, explore the city, and defeat the mighty Emperor once and for all!

Similar to other battle strategy games, each round will consist of players rolling dice to determine the initiative count, using special abilities, and so on. Fateforge goes one step further in the battle category by allowing players to chain special abilities and attacks, creating devastating combos. Activate these combos between your allies and blow away your enemies!

Looking for a little PVP action? Fateforge also has a Battle Mode! Take on other players through a variety of different maps and environments. Test powerful combos, and become the true hero of the forge!

Fateforge: Chronicles of Kaan comes out in September, 2023! Back your copy here!

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