Apocalypse Keys is a Powered by the Apocalypse game that will have you face off against ancient monsters as you fight with your own humanity… or lack thereof.

You play as a monster looking to save themselves from the darkness within. Choose to play as one of seven playbooks: The Last, the sole remaining member of a distant alien species; The Shade, a emissary of death watching the world end; The Summoned, a violent creature from another world; The Found, a psychic who walks the line between the waking and sleeping worlds; The Fallen, an exiled angel or devil, claiming your own cult of followers; The Hungry, an instinctual beast who hungers forever; and The Surge, a well of power who could detonate at any moment. Each of these playbooks have their own desires, weaknesses, and dark possibilities.

Uncover a mystery of the most vile design as you face off against those who wish to open the Doors of Doom. Learn more about these dark and alien beings who wish to bring the end of the world, one key at a time. Obtain the Apocalypse Keys and decide for yourself if you wish to save humanity… or destroy it yourself.

Use the Reveal Your Heart action to be vulnerable with your party, leaning more into your empathy and humanity. Use the Unleash the Darkness to access your monstrous powers. Each time you utilize each action, you will be pulled further and further towards your destiny.

Within the book, there will be six one-shot Mysteries for you to solve, each one more devious than the last. Find the Doors of Doom and wield the keys to your whims.

So, will you let humanity live another day? Or will you let the monster out?

Apocalypse Keys comes out in July, 2023! Back your copy here!

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