Bring in the drinks, cards, and mayhem! Epic Encounters: Local Legends is a D&D 5e supplement that gives you numerous encounters for all your pub crawling needs. Discover a host of interesting taverns, play tavern games, and get special plot hooks to keep your party on their toes.

Welcome to the best drinking establishments the Forgotten Realms have ever seen. Choose one of ten fully fleshed out taverns to throw at your party, including The Nodding Dragon, The Salt & Kraken, or The Shady Nook! Each of these different locations have their own battle maps, NPCs, and challenges. Along with individual plot hooks, each tavern has it’s own monstrous villain to face off against. Take on ghost pirates, giant owlbears, and even dragons with their own special monster figurines.

When you aren’t fighting for your life, play a variety of card and dice games introduced in the Local Legends manual. From the manual, you will also have ready to run encounters, dozens of adventure hooks, and a whole compendium of new rules and GM advice.


Epic Encounters: Local Legends comes out in September, 2023! Back your copy here!

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