Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game is a upcoming tabletop game inspired by the award-winning video game of the same name. Get up to three of your friends to help explore the vast island that you now call home, cleanse it of the dangerous Malaise infection, and hack and slash your way to the Hand of the King!

Unlike the video game, the Dead Cells board game is a multiplayer experience! Players get to choose between four different Beheaded characters – The Poisoned, who can apply poison damage effects to enemies; The Flayed, who can give shield tokens to their allies; The Quartered, who is able to perform powerful ranged attacks; and The Immolated, who can burn through  enemies like nothing.

Break out from your Prisoner’s Quarters, then take turns exploring the castle you are trapped in. Explore different pathways to find unique Scrolls and Weapons to help you shred through enemies. Collect gold in order to purchase new equipment and scroll improvements!

But don’t think you are going to get through this dungeon alive the first time. Every time you die, you will be given special Cells that will allow you to permanently upgrade your character. Gain access to unique cards for your Equipment and Combat decks, or gain mutations to add to your character board. Whatever you decide will change the fate of your party in the next round.

Dead Cells: The Rogue-Lite Board Game comes out in September, 2024! Back your copy here!

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