Werewolf: The Apocalypse is making its return! Become a Garou, a werewolf who defends the will of Gaia from corruption, both physical and meta-physical. Take down corporations that pump toxic waste into our habitats, fight head on with dangerous paramilitary groups, and save our planet one rending claw at a time.

Gaia is dying. After years of fighting a secret war against men and monsters alike, the Apocalypse has come. Those who once thought salvation was possible are now lost, left without hope. Others have fully embraced their darker instincts, killing without hesitancy or compassion. The world is coming to and end… but new Garou still have something to fight for. The only question is – when will you Rage?

What werewolf will you create for your game table? Each werewolf tribe consists of their own culture, patron spirit, and renown. Perhaps you will want to become a member of the Black Furies, ready to dismantle and destroy this broken world to create something beautiful in its stead. Maybe you are a Glasswalker, dedicated to using technology to heal the world. With eleven tribes to choose from, there will certainly be one to strike your wolfish fancy.

Next, determine your characters attitude and style with the help of Auspices. When you changed for the first time, what form of the moon was in the sky? Was it the Ragabash (New Moon), filling you with trickster delights? Or was the Ahroun (Full Moon) high in the sky, driving you to attack, destroy, and embrace carnage? Use the five different Auspices to help inform your actions and reactions throughout the game.

Once your werewolf is complete, the hunt begins. Remember: only when Gaia is safe will you rest easy. If you can finally defeat these corrupt industrialists, colonizers, and worst of all, vampires, the world may just be saved.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse comes out on August 31st, 2023! Pre-order your copy here!

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