The way home is long and treacherous. You never know what you might face, especially if you are a cute critter. But the only way forward is one step after another… and Wanderhome.

Wanderhome is an RPG all about exploring beautiful lands on your journey back home. You and your party will travel through long forgotten ruins, deep dark woods, and towns both big and small. Ride on the backs of giant beetles, travel through dark dungeons, and so much more!

For character creation, become an animal travelling with the party. Choose a playbook, allowing you to become anything from a the best friend of a firefly, to a former vagabond. Each playbook allows you to perform special actions that can help you traverse the world of Haeth.

Explore Haeth and all of it’s splendours! Face dangers of the night and the challenges riddling the populace. You may not be able to fix all their problems, but you may be able to offer some wisdom and temporary relief. In this game, you do not wield a blade – only the power of your creativity, intellect, and prowess to achieve victory.

Also, look at this artwork! How could you say no to such beauty?

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