Triangle Agency is a upcoming paranormal horror-comedy TTRPG where players will discover strange and alien anomalies that plague our world. Bend reality, investigate mysteries, and stop the total destruction of our dimension!

Each player begins by exploring the three  character focuses: Anomaly, Reality, and Competency. Each of these categories comes with nine different character options to customize from. Anomaly will dictate what your special powers will be; Reality influences what character connections you have in the world; and Competency is your role within the Agency. Combine multiple options together to create a truly unique character!

After everyone has built their characters, players will then have to build three Relationships with NPCs that will guide their character forward. Each of these characters will be played not by the General Manager (Game Master), but instead by other players at the table. Work together to help build your NPCs and create a history for the party to goof around with.

While you are an Agent, that doesn’t mean you get to go around telling everybody. Whatever hijinks you get up to, you will need to keep your personal life in check. If you don’t, someone or something may start looking into what you are up to…

Players will also get to have a direct influence on the wild state of the world. Players may roll to change the face of reality itself using the d4 Stability dice. However, every time it is used, the General Manager introduces Chaos into your reality. Each bit of Chaos builds on itself, one pesky brick at a time…


Triangle Agency comes out in July, 2024! Back your copy here!

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