The Zone is an upcoming RPG all about have to fight against the strange, the alien, and the horrific. Players will be tested as they are faced with terrifying alien plants, monstrous mutations, and other frightening permutations of a twisted world. In a similar vein to works such as Annihilation and Stalker, The Zone will lead you down a path of madness, horror, and truly strange worlds… and only one in your party will survive.

Each player chooses to play as one of seven different character classes, including The Scientist, The Writer, The Entrepreneur, and The Soldier. Each player then chooses a Phobia and an Obsession that will drive them towards and away from their desires. Then create a spiral of random locations that your characters will have to explore in order to progress forward. Each location has three different options for what the terrain looks like: sublime, spooky, or grotesque. Choose whichever option feels right to you in the moment as your come closer and closer to your doom.

In each location, players will take turns going through ‘scene’ encounters, each with their own possible outcome. Perhaps you will meet with something that looks like an old friend, or have something trigger your Phobia. Whatever the case, you will need to face these encounters with Not So Easy cards. These cards allow you to perform actions that go beyond your usual abilities… with unexpected consequences. Sometimes, nothing will happen. Usually, however, these cards will result in your transforming… mutating… into some just a little more alien than who you were when you began the adventure.

The conclusion of your story will be determined by the amount of mutations each player has accumulated by the climax of the story. Only one from the party is able to get out alive, but that will be left up to everyone to decide.

Will you be able to escape? Or will you just be another victim of the Zone?

The Zone comes out in March, 2023! Back your copy here!

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