Looking to get some new dice but want something a bit different? We’ve got some of our favourite creators here to help!

While Chessex may have a monopoly on the RPG dice scene, they are not the only one. More and more small time dice makers are coming out of the wood-work to provide people with beautiful dice sets.

While these sets will be pricer than something from Chessex, I still highly suggest you check out these creators. Even if you have to save a bit to get one of these beauties, you won’t be disappointed.

The Crown and Beau

The Crown and Beau creates some of the most unique dice sets I have ever seen. These resin dice have had numerous things added within, including eggs and bacon cartoon figures, tattoo artwork, and even palm trees. These dice will absolutely bring personality to your gaming sessions, and everyone will be asking where you got them from.

However, do be warned – these dice are very expensive. Keep that in mind before jumping in with two feet into shopping for these beauties.

Check out Crown and Beau here!


Miami Dice

Red Raven Diceworks

Red Raven Diceworks has created some gorgeous dice. The types of dice have ranged from drink flavors to Spider-Man themed. The numbers on the dice are crisp, clean, and the colours are vibrant. Each set has it’s own unique flair, resulting in some beautiful dice sets. If you are looking for something unique, don’t hesitate to try here.

Check out Red Raven Dice here!


Confetti Dice

Three Fates Dice

Three Fates Dice is a small creator set-up in Tennesse. With a dedication to creating some of the most beautiful dice sets know to D&D, Anna Holden does not disappoint. While the themes of the dice shift, the craftsmanship never wanes. Previous dice sets have had pirate themes, shadowfell themes, and even a Witcher theme!

If dice sets aren’t enough for you, check out Anna’s D&D 5e one-shot called The Queen’s Cage.

Three Fates has proven time and time again that beautiful dice sets are here to stay. Three Fates Dice is absolutely my favourite dice creator that I have yet to encounter.

Check out Three Fates Dice here!

Yennefer Dice

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