The Last Caravan: A Cars and Aliens RPG is a upcoming TTRPG all about surviving in a post-invasion world. Fight for a future of your making by travelling across a snow covered United States, facing off against aliens, negotiating peace, and forging a new world in a time of darkness.

They arrived only a few weeks back. The Two Months War ravaged the world. Now, all is silent.

The government has fallen. Whoever (or whatever) came from above were destroyed by targeted nukes. Their ships fell from the skies and have remained still. The whole world has gone quiet.

The last vestige of our fallen world is The Republic of Saint Francis, a growing community trying to pull itself from the brink of destruction.

But things have begun to heat up again. Checkpoints are being set up by the alien forces to capture any remaining flickers of humanity. Their purpose is unknown, but they are getting stronger day by day. And one day soon, if no one does anything, The Republic may also fall…

Each player begins by choosing a playbook. Choose between the Bandage, the helpful healer; the Bruiser, the protector; the Good Boi, the loyal animal companion; the Innocent, the coming of age kid; the Lookout, the scout; the Star-Gazer, the researcher and scientist; the Talker, the charismatic negotiator; and the Wrench, the gear nut. Choose your background to help determine your starting bonuses.

Each player will then choose where to place their four Gambit dots. Gambits are skills that you utilize throughout the game. Each dot determines how many d6 you roll. You roll that number of d6s, then take the highest number rolled as your skill check score. If you roll a 6, you unconditionally succeed; on a 4-5, you succeed with a minor complication; on a 1-3, you totally fail, gaining major complications.

Once your Gambits are chosen, choose your Special Ability to help you survive. Finish off by choosing your Inadequacy, offering unique roleplay options as you face off against this deadly world.

Will you be able to broker a peace between humanity and the alien invaders? Or will you and your party take a more explosive approach?

The Last Caravan comes out in October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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