The Terraforming Mars Big Box and 3-D tiles are coming soon on Kickstarter! This game box adds additional materials and updates for the original Terraforming Mars board game.

Terraforming Mars


The Big Box consists of 3-D board tiles, player trays, sleeved player cards, expansion trays, and more! Organize all your game pieces and keep everything together in one easily accessible location.


Make your start up and clean up easier! The Big Box is specifically designed to help make game start-up faster and easier than ever, leaving less time for you and your friends to have to fumble through the game box looking for lost pieces.

The box also includes 3-D tiles for every possible terrain you could face! Mark down Industrial Areas, Nuclear Zone sites, and more with beautifully rendered tiles!

The Big Box release date was initially set for February of this year, but it has been moved to June, 2021. Pick up your copy on Kickstarter, or mark you calendars in June to pick up a copy at Three Kings Loot!

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