Stonesaga is a prehistoric co-op survival game where players attempt to survive in a prehistoric world, facing off against disasters at every turn. Whether you are facing off against floods, drought, war, or any other bringer of destruction, players will need to work together to stay alive. Explore the world, harvest resources, and craft tools to ensure your survival!

Players begin by choosing one of four different leadership roles – The Mantle of the Seeker, The Mantle of the Wanderer, The Mantle of the Protector, or The Mantle of the Storyteller. Each of these roles have their own health scale, abilities, and resource access. Make your character truly yours by customizing your character sheet with your characters name, age, and more!

Once you have chosen your character, players will be able to explore the board and start building the world as you see fit. Every round has its own goal, requiring you and your friends to work together in order to survive. Whether it is making stories to keep up moral, or gathering food to fight off starvation, each goal must be met. Make sure to utilize your abilities carefully so that you are able to complete as many tasks as possible in a turn.

But be careful about running around the board trying to do too much. The night brings its own dangers, whether it be raiders or wild beasts, and you don’t want to be left alone. Stay together to stay alive!

While you juggle your round goal and your night time survival, you will also need access to plenty of resources. Explore the edges of your known world in order to find rich springs of food, water, and other natural wonders. But beware – behemoths linger near, and will destroy you without hesitation.

Stonesaga comes out in April, 2024! Back your copy here!

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