Civil war has taken hold of Japan. Brother kills brother, sister butchers sister. The world has fallen to blood and there is no end in sight. It is time for you to fight for power, prestige, and the lives of your loved ones in Senjutsu: Battle for Japan!

Senjutsu is a deck building game all about fighting to save the your clan. Collect your special ability cards in order to destroy your enemies one swing at a time. Team up with 2 – 4 friends and try to save Japan and yourselves!

But don’t think that this game is all blade and no bite. There are multiple story arcs that you can choose to follow, whether you are playing solo or in a group. In The Winds of Change arc, play as a samurai facing off against European influence and colonization as the world you once knew begins to change around you. There will be two other story arcs, The Path of the Ronin and Brothers in Arms, that will also be included. Stay tuned to learn more about where these plots lead in the future!


Senjutsu: Battle for Japan comes out on May 2022! Pre-order your copy here!

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