Blood hungry things linger in the forests, waiting the right moment to quench their iron lust. In Planegea, danger is around every tree, knoll, and cave. But be aware – the dinosaurs aren’t the only things with teeth.

In this ancient setting for D&D 5e, Planegea is a campaign setting based on prehistoric fantasy. Modernity has been thrown aside for brutal survival. Fight against mighty dinosaurs, try to build some kind of home for yourselves and your party, and meet Gods in the mortal world!

As with any good campaign guide, the main book will be filled with brand new locations, allies, spells, and magical items. But that’s not all – it will also be filled to brim with new subclasses, backgrounds, and races! Learn all about the Saurians, or dip into new class concepts, such as Dream Sorcerer or Dark Forest Warlock.

I could give a flavour description here, but I am going to just leave it to the text provided on the Kickstarter because god damn, this is beautiful:

Drawn from the traditions of sword & sorcery pulp adventures, infused with the blood-pounding thrills of the Fury Road, and caught in the jaws of primordial dreams, Planegea calls to those who’ve felt the cold wind raise a chill of hunt and hope on their raw skin. It is a realm where the planes of existence have not yet separated, and a great warrior can travel by foot from the Sea of Stars to the infinite, volcanic peaks of Blood Mountain.

Along the way, you must battle everything from cold, alien intelligences to the genie caravans; from the four empires of the giants to the roaring oceans that ring the Great Valley; from the cold, bony fingers of the Nightmare World to the terrifying jaws of the jungle known as the Venom Abyss. Planegea offers endless adventure!

Planegea comes out in June of 2022! Pre-order your copy here!

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