The contagion is here! Take on dangerous diseases in Pest, a competitive euro board game where players take on the roles of city leaders trying to save their people. Gather your herbs and medicine – this isn’t going to be pretty.

The empire has fallen. The country is in shambles due to a rampant plague that is taking the world by storm. Those who should be leading on the Empire’s Council are either cowards or dropping like flies. Only those who remain in the Great Houses may be able to save their home from further tragedy…

Each player chooses a House that their leader represents. Each turn, players will have to face a new Pest card that will dictate where the infection has spread across their nation. Players will then have to respond, both by stopping the plague, but also trying to build infrastructure and defences for the following rounds.

Once you have cured a section of your population from the plague, assign members of your workforce to perform important tasks, such as gathering resources, working as emissaries, and rebuilding city structures. Take the best and brightest to research new tactics and techniques to deal with the plague, leading you to become a powerful political player.

Once you have completed your three eras of play, tally your scores. Whoever has the most points will be deemed the Hero of the Empire, and win the game!

Pest comes out in May, 2024! Back your copy here!

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