It is time to achieve enlightenment! In Oros, play as a demigod making your way across an ocean in search of knowledge and  divine wisdom. Use this simple rules puzzle game to explore volcanoes, islands, and mountain tops!

Each player begins by choosing their demigod and taking their appropriate game pieces. Each game board operates the same way, but there are multiple strategies to win. Use your turns to create a variety of different physical landscapes – build volcanoes to make more land, smash the land together to make mountains, and study on sacred mountain sites to gain more divine knowledge! As you move tiles across the board, move your congregation of worshippers across the ocean as you search for more land to settle.

Just make sure you keep an eye on where you place land and build sites. Otherwise, your opponents might get as much help from your moves as you do!

Every sacred site you study at will bring you and your followers closer to the truth of the divine. Gain bonus points and wisdom by performing special actions on your character board. Once you have travelled to the top of your enlightenment board, you win!

Oros comes out on January 15th, 2023!

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