Looking to spice up your D&D campaign? Need a quick one-shot? Did your players decide to detour into a small town you didn’t plan for? Then check out One-Shot Wonders, a anthology of one-shot adventures! In this simple adventuring guide, DMs will be able to run a variety of adventures, from levels 1 to 9. Filled with over 100 tales of intrigue, DMs of all skill and experience will want to get their hands on this.

Unlike other 5e adventure guides, One-Shot Wonders uses a loose narrative design to help keep your games interesting and customizable. Each adventure gives all the information the DM needs to make the story work while leaving the rest up to discretion. Leave behind the multiple pages of dense sequential block texts, and embrace your ability to change and alter your world as you see fit.

Ready for combat? Each adventure has easy access to your NPCs hit points, armor class, and abilities! Once the smoke settled on the whole affair, dish out the unique loot at the end of each adventure. Gain renown for your daring deeds and show the world your adventurous spirit!

One-Shot Wonders comes out in October, 2023! Back your copy here!

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