Obojima: Tales From The Tall Grass is a upcoming D&D 5e supplement from 1985 Games! Inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli and The Legend of Zelda, explore a world filled with strange monsters, enchanting NPCs, and some wonderfully whimsical adventures.

The island of Obojima is a place of wonders. Filled with wizard vending machines and wandering trains, Obojima begs to be explored. But across the Eastern coastline, something vile is bubbling beneath the waves. It is poisoning the waters, transforming woodland creatures into dangerous beasts. The corruption is spreading, and if no one intervenes, the whole island may find itself swarmed by these vicious creatures from beneath…

Build the Ghibli character of your dreams! Players will get access to three new race options, as well as eight new subclasses. Explore the extravagant performances of the College of Masks Bard, the paper machinations of the Origami Mage, the twisted powers of the Corrupted Ranger, and more!

Explore the island of Obojima region by region, meeting humans, monsters, and spirits along the way! Utilize the new brewing system, crafting both known and unknown potions to use on your journey. Just make sure to use the right ingredients, or you might get a stomach ache.

For Dungeon Masters, explore sixty new monsters and fifty new magic items to scattered around Obojima. Have your party face off against dangerous Urugama or interact with wandering Sheep Dragons. Create mysterious and strange locations to entice your players, and build epic encounters that your players will never forget!

Obojima: Tales From The Tall Grass comes out in September, 2024! Back your copy here!

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