This is a path of blood, adventurer. Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile will make you choose between the lesser of two evils – the end of tyranny or stability? Power or chaos? The choice is yours, but remember – your actions have consequences.

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile is all about building or destroying power. Players take on the role of a Exile or of the Chancellor. Exiles of the Chancellor’s realm can explore strange locations, meeting a variety of characters and organizations to help your goals. The Chancellor can reach out to Exiles, offering boons for their assistance. This can even mean Exiles become Chancellor assistant’s to fight the other Exiles.

Be aware – this is a political game. There is only one winner at the table. Either one person rises from the ashes of the kingdom, or the Chancellor maintains control over the realm. Someone may assassinate the Chancellor and take his throne, but regardless… only one can live.

This game is a campaign, offering consecutive plays. The games run one after another – if the last game resulted in the realm destroyed, that is where you pick up from. If the Chancellor controlled the realm under an iron fist, that is where the next game picks up.

As I said – your actions have consequences.

Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile!

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