The world has fallen to the Sulu alien empire… but they haven’t faced you yet. In NANOLITH, save the world from aliens and super-corporations as you attempt to destroy the corrupting artifact known as the Nanolith for good!

Choose one of four powerful heroes as you trek across the last human city, Neo-Eden:

  • Ada has everything you need to heal up your allies, whether you need a band-aid or a heart transplant!
  • Wielding his blade and his courage, Ashitaka can cut through any opponent, man or machine!
  • If you need a door cracked open or a computer to reveal its secrets, Cora is the hacker for you!
  • Once a great warrior for the alien Sulu, the warrior Vaa-Lith is now ready to take the fight against the invaders!

Work together as you explore the open world, investigate mysterious events, and fight against alien oppressors! Discover the dark secrets behind the mysterious object known as the Nanolith, and purge yourselves of its influence. Level up your character to gain more and more powerful abilities, and take Neo-Eden back from Sulu clutches!

But be careful out there – you never know who may be secretly working with the invaders…

NANOLITH comes out in June, 2023! Back your copy here!

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