Calling all campers, hikers, and outdoors people! Muskoka: The Board Game is a six player competitive board game where you and five of your friends discover the wonders of Muskoka! Travel across the board, explore new places, and get points to win the game!

Muskoka is a board game all about discovery and relaxation. Inspired by Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan, you will traverse the board to gain points. Discovery more about the territory as you encounter various creatures and learn new ways to travel across the board.

Start your turn by gathering your Explore and Leisure cards. These cards will allow you to travel across the board once you have collected up to three of the same card. You can then play Rest & Relaxation cards to boost your points, or trigger special effects for you or your opponents.

For each Journey you complete across the board, you will be granted Wildlife points. There are five different types: Moose, Bear, Deer, Beaver, and Loon. You must collect one of each by traversing different trails to completion. The game ends when someone has gathered 25 points through Wildlife points, R&R points, and has also completed their special player specific detour.

Muskoka: The Board Game comes out in March 2023! Back your copy here!

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