Mothership is a sci-fi horror rpg all about surviving in space. Whether you are on a hostile planet or inside a spacecraft in the middle of the void, you are going to need all your wits to make it out alive. This game works on a rules-lite d1oo game system, so hold onto your d10s!

This game prides itself on its easy start-up mechanics, allowing players to build characters quickly. Choose your class, your abilities, then get right to the session! Streamlined combat, armor, and health mechanics mean that you will be able to jump into the danger head first, but try not to panic! Otherwise, you may cause more harm than you could ever imagine…

For the Warden’s of the world (GMs), have no fear about running the game without any help! Mothership has multiple modules and rulebooks to help make sure your next session is as frightening as it should be. This is especially true of the Unconfirmed Contact Reports, a book filled with terrifying monsters for you to run. The truly horrifying element of the creatures in this book is that there is no accurate drawing of the monster. They are wild sketches with pencils, charcoal, and crayon. This means your party will have no idea what to look for. Even you may not have a full idea what it looks like.

Lean into this terror – sometimes the best horror comes from not saying anything at all.

Mothership Cover Art

Mothership comes out November 2022! Back your copy here!

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