Marvel United: Multiverse is a cooperative board game that makes you a protector of the multiverse! Choose one of six multiverse Marvel heroes and face off against powerful enemies to save universes, near and far, from total destruction!

Each player begins by choosing one of six different heroes: Captain Carter, Loki, Shuri Black Panther, Spider-Man 2099, Mighty Thor, or Iron Heart. If you have an extra player, throw in the anti-hero Cosmic Ghost Rider for some extra help! Face off against Immortus, Maestro, or Emperor Doom as they attempt to take control of the multiverse, or destroy it entirely.

Each player will have a series of special action cards specifically made for their hero. Each turn, players will be able to play cards in sequence to perform special attacks, activate abilities, or gain character bonuses. Heroes will need to clear the board of threats, whether they be smaller enemies or rescuing civilians, before they face off against the big bad.

Work together to perform special card sequences between heroes to perform powerful actions that will ensure your victory! Remember – as one, you may fall, but together, you can achieve anything.

Marvel United: Multiverse comes out in March, 2024! Back your copy here!

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