Magic items can be a repetitious lot if you are not careful. If your party goes to a random item shop you had not planned for, inventing items on the fly can be very stressful. Even worse, if you are a player and every loot run gives you the same randomly rolled magic items again and again, you may feel slogged down by a lack of motivation.

Having a list of magic items that go outside the boundaries of the games handbook is very satisfying. Not only can you take pride in your work, but you can give these new items some influence or history in your campaign world. It keeps gamemasters and players on their toes, a new discovery behind every corner.

But coming up with inspiration on your own can be difficult. Without some creative ideas to get the ideas going, you may unintentionally just rehash the same items over and over again.

Down below are a few creators who offer a lot of magic items for you to either use entirely, or offer some very interesting artwork and mechanics to inspire your next creation.

*Note: All of these magic item creators build items for D&D 5e. However, no matter your RPG, you can take their items and tinker them for your own game system.

Sinlaire Box

I have not heard enough people talk about the magic of Sinlaire. This Indonesian concept artist creates some of the most beautiful item art I have ever seen. They build mechanics that are simple to follow but still powerful. Whether it is a massive sword or a small trinket, you will not be disappointed to have a Sinlaire item in your inventory.

Take a look at their work on Instagram under the name @sinlaire_box!

Support Sinlaire here!

The Mithral Canvas

The Mithral Canvas is a classic magic item creator. This collective of artists have become very well known for their interesting and beautiful items. Their items follow monthly themes, offering you groups of items to use for specific settings. Previous themes have included pirates, swords (swordtember is the best), and even holiday specials!

The extra bonus of supporting their Patreon is that you gain access to their full compendium of magic items to look up on the fly. If you find yourself in need of a quick reference guide to some new magic creations, then look no further!

Check out this magic crew on Instagram at @the_mithral_canvas

Support The Mithral Canvas here!

Dungeon Strugglers

Dungeon Strugglers is very reminiscent of Mithral Canvas in their structure, save for one difference: Dungeon Strugglers creates items you would never expect to see. Time and time again, I have been surprised by the designs this team has developed for the game.

It is totally expected to have weapons and armor, but have you considered a magic tsuba for your blade? Or perhaps darts that that disrupt and cripple a monk’s ability to use ki? These items are very careful in their mechanics, creating some of the most fascinating works I have encountered. Make sure to check this crew out on Instagram at @dungeon_strugglers.

Support Dungeon Strugglers here!

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