Knave: Second Edition is a headfirst dive into an Old School DnD inspired game and toolkit! Dive into a world filled with deadly monsters, dangerous caverns, and miraculous items to get your hands on. Don your armor, gather your weapons, and step into a world of horrors unknown!

Knave uses a brand new set of game mechanics for both players and game masters. Character generation and gameplay are all unified under one d20 system, which makes building your character and running the game a breeze. The new tactical warfare rules will allow you to perform daring feats of bravery and foolishness as you plunge your blades into dangers beyond comprehension.

Players will find a game that is easy to start and fun to master. Tap into all areas of gameplay with each character, allowing all players to get some proficiency with weapons, armor, magic, and divine influence. The important part will be deciding where you want your character to go, imposing self-restrictions instead of game imposed ones. But beware – your inventories will need to be tracked! Use the simple inventory slot track to help ensure you choose the best of the best items to keep on you. Either fill your pack with special magic items, or keep a load of practical items on you to help guide the party.

Game Masters will have so many dangers and delights to throw at players. Explore the vast swath of monsters and enemies for your players to hunt down, each with their own unique abilities. Once your players have vanquished these monsters, they will be able to brew powerful potions from the monster parts to gain special abilities themselves.

If it’s danger your looking to add, then check out the dozens of d100 tables to add some challenge. If that isn’t enough, then check out the d6 Hazard Die system, allowing you to create dangerous encounters with just the roll of a die!

To keep magic and divine influence interesting, dive into the relationship-driven divine magic system, and the utility based arcane magic system. Dive into your players relationships with the Gods, your world, and manipulate the laws of nature itself in order to create amazing moments that your players will talk about for years to come.

Knave: Second Edition comes out in December, 2023! Back your copy here!

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