Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils, and Kings is a co-op board game all about surviving in a dark and dangerous world. You and up to four of your friends can work together to explore distant lands, fight massive creatures, and save humanity!

Each player takes on the role of a Knight, exploring two lands known as the Principality of Stone and The Sunken Kingdom. Use your Knight board to use your special abilities, gather allies from across the lands, and face off against horrifying creatures. Whether your enemy is the Panzerdragon or the Devil of Smelted Fears, you will need to strategize to get out alive.

This game not only offers in-depth combat and massive exploration, but it also grants you beautifully crafted minis to paint yourself. Customize your own Knight to your hearts desire! This game makes it your way to play.

Step out into the dark, adventurer. You may never come back… but no one will ever forget your name.

Kingdoms Forlorn: Dragons, Devils, and Kings comes out in January, 2024! Back your copy here!

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