It’s time to become hometown heroes once again! Kids on Bikes is officially releasing its second edition in 2023. Face off against bullies, monsters, and dangerous adults in your hometown, in a magic academy, or even in space!

Over the last five years, Kids on Bikes has taken the TTRPG world by storm. This pick-up-and-play RPG is suitable for all ages, is extremely easy to play, and incredibly customizable. Hunters Entertainment, the publishing company behind the game, has released numerous expansions for new adventures. Take to the stars in Teens in Space with starships and laser pistols alike, or train yourself to perform magic wonders in Kids on Brooms!

What should players expect with the new edition? To start, there will be expanded rules for Game Masters on how to develop more in-depth and interesting characters. This will include an updated set of rules and abilities for Powered Characters. There will also be expanded sections on how to add more collaborative storytelling aspects to your game.

Looking to add deadly stakes to the game? Then check out the new Player-scalable stakes when violence comes into play. Will your PC simply become frightened and need to escape when hurt? Or will they find themselves six feet under?

But don’t think that if you buy this new edition that all of the previous adventures will be useless! Previous adventure guides for first edition will still be compatible with second edition. Keep the best of the best for your games, then get even more!

Kids on Bikes: Second Edition comes out in July, 2023! Back your copy here!

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